"REUPIES" Mechanical Plant produces and repairs (restores) mechanical parts of equipment and specialized machinery, performs mechanical treatment of metal parts.

Own production

The own production is based on experienced personnel and equipment with extensive capacities of mechanical treatment of metal.

Outsourcing services

Participation in the production programs of industry leaders.

Flexible system of discounts

Individual approach to pricing for permanent customers and manufacturing partners.

REUPIES SA Production Plant was founded in 1991 on the basis of Chisinau Tractor Plant.

Nowadays, the plant operates within TRACOM industrial park, it has the necessary infrastructure (transport routes for truck haulage, heavy-lift cranes) while being actually situated in the downtown area. 

The technological capabilities of REUPIES plantallow producingoverall parts along with small parts. This is the main company advantageon themarket of Moldova and neighboring countries. 

REUPIES customers are companies from different areas of industry and services, such as: 

  • Railway enterprises – production and repair of spare parts for cars and locomotives, mechanical equipment and tools for maintenance of railway transport and railways;
  • Glass manufacturing plants – production and repair of spare parts for glass melting equipment and related mechanical means;
  • Plants producing concrete products and building materials – repair and production of mechanical parts of production machinery and specialized transport;
  • Mining plants – repair and production of mechanical parts of specialized machinery and transport;
  • Airports and airline companies – production and repair of  specialized equipment and  devices for ground handling of aircrafts and machines;
  • Agricultural enterprises – repair and production of spare parts, improvement of wear-resistance and serviceability of details and components;
  • Hardware and equipment manufacturers – outsourcing services, capital and current repairs of  metal-working machinery, production and repair of spare parts;
  • State-owned and municipal companies such as CHP plant, HPP, gas-distributing enterprises, transport divisions of municipal companies, telecommunication companies, etc. 

Nowadays, due to its long-term experience in the engineering industry, the company is able to guarantee compliance of work performed with the technical documentation and requirements for meeting the high quality standards of manufactured products.   

REUPIES personnel is always ready to consult the customer and find proper engineering solutions for the competent accomplishment of tasks in hand.

Why us?

Here are only some of main reasons which are enough to start cooperation with REUPIES:

I    We are a professional team having experience in the machine-building industry.
II   The plant
haspowerful capabilities of manufacturing equipment. 

III  For customers – there is an individual approach with the opportunity to control quality  

IV  For business – we guarantee  exact timing and quality of assignments fulfilled 




Who are we?

REUPIES SA Plant was founded in 1991 on the basis of repairing shop of Chisinau Tractor Plant.   

Nowadays, the plant operates on the basis of its own production, it is equipped with vast technological capabilities and has the necessary infrastructure (railways, convenient transportation access for trucks, heavy-lift cranes) while being situated in the downtown area.