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a combination of professionalism, versatility and performance.

S.R.L. «REUPIES» – is a company with a rich history, founded in 1991. Updated in 2018. The main activity of the company is the manufacture and repair of mechanical spare parts and general components, machinery and equipment.

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S.R.L. «REUPIES» manufacturing enterprise offers its services in the field of metal processing. We repair (recover) and manufacture mechanical pieces of equipment, vehicles and metal pieces of varying difficulty. The S.R.L. «REUPIES» company performs both single and serial orders on mutually beneficial terms and is constantly searching for partners.

Manufacturing enterprise S.R.L. «REUPIES» was founded on the basis of Chisinau “Tractor Plant” in 1995., and has managed to preserve and increase production capacity.

Today, with many years of experience in mechanical engineering, the company guarantees conformity of performed work to the technical documentation and requirements for observance of high quality parameters of the products.

Reupies - the key to the quality of work performed of any complexity
Reupies - the key to the quality of work performed of any complexity

In our work, we apply dental surgery to the 8th accuracy class.

Production of parts for railways
Production of parts for railways

All parts are manufactured in compliance with all specifications. The latest technologies and high-performance tools are also used.

Turning and Turning Machines
Turning and Turning Machines

Special turning and rotary machines allow to process workpieces with a diameter of up to 2000 mm. The mass of such machines reaches 15000 kg.

Why we choose

Due to its specialization and technological capabilities, S.R.L. «REUPIES» is constantly working with enterprises from different branches of industry and services:

  • Railway companies - manufacturing and repair of spare pieces for wagons and locomotives, machinery and tools for the maintenance of railway vehicles and railways.
  • Glass factories - manufacturing and repair of spare pieces glass boiling equipment and accompanying mechanical means.
  • Factories on manufacture of concrete items and building materials - repair and manufacture of mechanical parts of production machinery and specialized vehicles;
  • Quarries and mines for the extraction of minerals - repair and manufacture of mechanical parts of the specialized equipment and transportation;
  • Airports and airlines - manufacturing and repair profile equipment and appliances for ground support aircraft and equipment;
  • Agricultural enterprises - repair, manufacturing of spare pieceas, improvement of wear resistance and useful properties for specialized equipment;
  • Manufacturers of metalware - performing certain operations on metal (outsourcing), repair of metalworking equipment (from the manufacture and repair of separate spare parts to overhaul);
  • Other companies using in their work, different specialized mechanical devices.